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Wednesday 17 June 2015

Dear Parents/Caregivers

School Uniform Questionnaire:

Dear parents/caregivers

Last night (Tuesday 16 June), the Norfolk Board of Trustees met at the monthly meeting and discussed the uniform questionnaire. Results from the questionnaire were as follows:
Question: Should the Norfolk School Board of Trustees introduce a compulsory full school uniform which will be phased in over a two year period, what options would you support?

100% of parents/caregivers answered this questionnaire
100% of Year 5-8 learners completed this questionnaire
1st June change over parents/learners did not complete this questionnaire.

Yes I support a school uniform= 49.4%
No I do not support a school uniform= 50.6%

Board decision:
The Norfolk School Board of Trustees has decided not to introduce a school uniform. This question will be redressed in five years (2020). The Board based their decision on the large amount of parent feedback received and felt there was insufficient impetus to make a change as significant as this. The Board was also reluctant to introduce any distractions given the high level of engagement and learning currently being achieved within the school.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to acknowledge parent and student feedback, which was brilliant. I would also like to thank Paula Terrill’s efforts in gathering feedback from all of our parents, which is highly valued by the Board.

Kind regards
Karl Hitchcock
Chair, Norfolk BoT



Our School

Norfolk School is a U3-4 Full Primary School (Year 0—8), which has a decile 9 rating. In 2015, the school has a staffing entitlement of 7.49 FTTE to cater for 150 students.

Students are placed in one of six classrooms from New Entrants (Yr 1) to Year 7/8. An enrolment scheme is in place, where families living within the zone are automatically entitled to send their children to Norfolk School.

Our School

National Standards

Norfolk School has traditionally used benchmarks in reading, writing and mathematics, which was before National Standards were introduced. Since the introduction of National Standards in 2010, all schools (with children in Years 1-8) have been assessing students reading, writing and maths with against the Standards .

# 2014 National Standard Results; # 2013 National Standard Results; # 2012 National Standard Results

National Standards


The school is very well placed to sustain and improve its performance. Sound board processes focus on governance and positive outcomes for students. The principal is regarded by staff as a leader of learning. He has a clear focus on moral leadership and ensuring that students are at the centre of school decision-making.

ERO is likely to carry out the next review in four-to-five years.