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Niǐ hǎo (Hello everyone),

This week is Chinese Language week and we are enjoying learning aspects of Chinese culture and language throughout the school. We’re sure your children will enjoy sharing their learning with you at home too.

Congratulations Mrs Hitchcock – It’s a pleasure to announce that Lorraine Hitchcock has been appointed to the Across School Lead Teacher role for our Inglewood Community of Learning/Kahui Ako for 2018. This role will see Lorraine released from our school for the equivalent of half of her teaching time, meaning that the Totara class will be a shared role with another teacher. We will confirm the appointment for this position in the coming weeks.

The real positive for our school with Lorraine taking on this role is the opportunity for her to undergo extensive leadership professional learning as well as seeing first hand some of the great teaching and learning that is happening in local Early Childhood Centres, Schools and the High School. Lorraine will then be able to share this with us, which will benefit all of our learners.

  School Focus: Setting high standards for everything we do .      

  Relevant School Values – Respect/Whakaute, Responsibility/Haepapa .    

Show Day:  Show Day 2018 is almost here! Everyone is really excited and we are looking forward to all the fun and entertainment that Show Day brings. We can’t wait to see you all sharing in with the great learning experiences that Show Day brings. The weather forcast is for showers, but we are sure that’s wrong! Just in case, our postponement day is Tuesday October 31st.

Raffle Items – The Home and School are again having a raffle tent with all sorts of wonderful raffles. We would like every child to please bring one grocery item to school this week to contribute to these raffles. Nice quality products and luxury items would be very much appreciated if possible.

Mr G’s Fencing Challenge – Last year we had the first Principal’s Fencing challenge, which was a fun event for any parents who wanted to have a go. Mr G narrowly won that one but the challenge is up again this year. Fencers need to dig one fence post hole, ram the post and tie a fencing knot on their post. Any new challengers are welcome. You will need to bring your own spade and rammer but the materials will be supplied for you. Please let us know at the office if you want to have a go at the title!

Show Day Indoor Exhibits Reminder: Children have the opportunity to prepare entries at home prior to Show Day for the following craft activities. Each activity will have junior, intermediate and senior sections. Craft Activities are: Decorated Biscuits, Dreamcatcher, Recycled Planter and Tin Can Lantern. All entries will be displayed in the Library on Show Day and need to be at school on Wednesday 25th October by 1.00pm for judging. For more information please check the school facebook page, website or previous newsletters.

Sunhats:  From Labour Day onwards, Norfolk sunhats will be compulsory for all children. We have run out of wide brimmed hats and we have an order of new bucket hats on its way. They will hopefully be available from next week. New entrants may wear their own hats until the new ones arrive. They will be $15 each.

Stationery 2018: For 2018 we will not be arranging stationery packs through school as has been done in the past. At the end of the year a stationery list will be sent home with your child’s End of Year Report and parents can purchase the stationery during the holidays. That way families can have them covered and ready and for the first day of school next year. Specific items such as school diaries and Reading diaries will be available to purchase at the school office when school starts on Tuesday January 30th.

Lepperton Touch (At Jubilee Park, Inglewood): This competition starts next Tuesday, October 24th. We have nearly 80 of our children playing this year in 7 teams! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in action next week.

Game times: U8’s – 4pm, U10’s – 4:35pm, U12’s – 5:10pm, U14’s – 5:45pm

Recycled Bottle Greenhouse: Steve Bates, a volunteer from Upcycle Taranaki, has kindly offered to help us to build our very own recycled bottle greenhouse. This will require hundreds of empty soft drink bottles (1.5 and 2.25 litre ones). We welcome donations of your old fizzy drink bottles with the wrappers removed.

We also require some adult support with building the wooden frame for the structure. If you have some building skills and are able to help during the day, we would love to hear from you.

Swimming Pool Preparations: Summer is nearly upon us and the warming weather makes us think about swimming! This season, the pool will be drained and repainted before it is prepared for swimming. This will require a big day of scrubbing, removing old, flaking paint and repainting. Hopefully all on one Saturday! We will confirm the intended date soon and would appreciate as much support from our community as possible. Feel free to let us know at the office if you think you will be able to help.

Weetbix Tryathlon 2018: Entries for the 2018 Weetbix Tryathlon in New Plymouth are open now! All entries are online and can be completed at

Please select Norfolk School when completing your entry.

Norfolk School Book Fair: 1 November – 8 November 2017

This will be held at school starting on Wednesday afternoon (1 November). A great selection of books is on offer so it is a great chance to stock up for Christmas. Please remember the school profits from all books sold. Please note eftpos will not be available. Please have correct money as change cannot be given. Books will be displayed in the corridor. The last day to purchase books will be Wednesday morning – 8 November. Thank you.


Nga mihi koutou – acknowledgements to you all for your support.

Andrew Georgeson – Principal


Our School

Norfolk School is a U3-4 Full Primary School (Year 0—8), which has a decile 9 rating. In 2016, the school has a staffing entitlement of 7.49 FTTE to cater for 150 students.

Students are placed in one of six classrooms from New Entrants (Yr 1) to Year 7/8. An enrolment scheme is in place, where families living within the zone are automatically entitled to send their children to Norfolk School.

Our School

National Standards

Norfolk School has traditionally used benchmarks in reading, writing and mathematics, which was before National Standards were introduced. Since the introduction of National Standards in 2010, all schools (with children in Years 1-8) have been assessing students reading, writing and maths with against the Standards .

# 2015 National Standard Results (coming soon) # 2014 National Standard Results…

National Standards


The school is very well placed to sustain and improve its performance. Sound board processes focus on governance and positive outcomes for students. The principal is regarded by staff as a leader of learning. He has a clear focus on moral leadership and ensuring that students are at the centre of school decision-making.

ERO is likely to carry out the next review in four-to-five years.