Key strengths of the school

For sustained improvement and future learner success, the school can draw on existing strengths in:

  • collaboration at all levels of the school that ensures a shared responsibility for promoting positive wellbeing and successful outcomes for children
  • the espoused curriculum and teaching that effectively promotes children’s involvement, authentic learning and progress
  • well-considered support for individual children with additional and complex needs that allows greater opportunity for all learners to achieve equitable and excellent outcomes
  • a shared commitment by teachers to extending their capability to enable better support for children’s learning and wellbeing.

Next steps

For sustained improvement and future learner success, priorities for further development are in:

  • revising the curriculum delivery plan to ensure consistent implementation of high quality practices
  • inquiry into mathematics teaching and learning to ensure greater acceleration of progress for some children
  • understanding of measures for progress and acceleration to assist evaluation of the impact of teaching and interventions for children achieving below curriculum expectation.

ERO’s next external evaluation process and timing

ERO is likely to carry out the next external evaluation in three years.

Alan Wynyard

Director Review & Improvement Services Central

Te Tai Pokapū – Central Region

22 August 2018