Norfolk School is part of the Inglewood Schools’ Cluster, which promotes competition for students who have talent in sport. The cluster includes the following schools:

  • Egmont Village (120-130 students)
  • Ratapiko (10-30 students)
  • St Patricks Inglewood (60-90 students)
  • Kaimata (80-100 students)
  • Waitoriki (20-40 students)
  • Inglewood Primary (300 students)

Norfolk School students compete in country swimming sports and athletics with the country schools (Inglewood is known as Town).

Country Swimming Sports: March, Term 1

  • This involves Norfolk Schools top swimmers who are 8+ years of age
  • This event is normally held at the Inglewood Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • The top 2 boy and girl students are selected in age groups for each race. This is based on teachers in class assessments (we do our best to get more students into heats if the organisers allow this to happen)
  • Races include all the major strokes over 25m; students also have the option of competing in the medley and 50m freestyle race
  • Students compete against students from other country schools, where they race in heats
  • Finals determine which students compete for the Country Team against Town. For example, if a student in placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a final they gain selection in the Country Team.

Town v Country Swimming Sports: April, Term 1

  • Norfolk students compete as part of the Inglewood Country Team against the Town Team (Inglewood Primary School)
  • Students race a straight final based on their results at the Country event
  • The Flying Squad (25m freestyle, boy and girl from each age group) is selected based on the 1st place getter in the 25m freestyle race from the Country event
  • An overall medley team is selected on the day
  • This event is high quality, where the top swimmers show case their talent.