Show Day is one of the highlights on the Norfolk School calendar. This event is held the week before Labour Weekend. Listed below is an outline of the programmes associated with Show Day:

  • Tuesday 20 October: Mix Up Day and setting up the Indoor Exhibits
  • Wednesday 21 October: SHOW DAY… Outdoor livestock, student games and viewing of the indoor exhibits
  • Thursday 22 October: Postponement day for the Outdoor livestock

Mix Up Day: On the day before Show Day (Tuesday), students are mixed up where they make a range of arts and crafts. This is a lot of fun and students from across the school get to mix together as they make different things.

  • Pre-organisation: Students are provided two-three choices for the day. Teachers do their best to mix students up evenly. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of some options, students might not get their first choice. If students have any worries they are encouraged to see the teacher in charge of organising the groups. In 2015, Miss Carter is the teacher in charge of Mix Up Day.
  • Teachers will send a note home the week before Mix Up Day, so students and parents know what to bring.
  • What arts and crafts do students make? This changes each year depending on what students request. Previous examples include making animals/things out of vegetables, creating a miniature scene in an oven dish, painted rocks, portraits etc.
  • When do students make their arts and crafts? We normally do this after interval. Students mix up across the school, which is a great way of promoting our family culture.
  • When can we view the arts and crafts from Mix Up Day? Parents, grandparents, older siblings etc can view the arts and crafts when the school is open up after lunch on Show Day (this will be announced), or between 3.00-4.00 pm and then between 7.00-8.00pm that evening.
  • When do they take their arts and crafts home? On Thursday, the day after Show Day.

Indoor Exhibits: Indoor exhibits involves creating something at home. This provides parents with an opportunity to support their child/children to be creative. Before the end of Term 3, a notice is sent home that advertises the different categories. All students are encouraged to make at least one item.

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