At morning interval and lunchtime, students eat together on the steps outside Room 4 (Moa Hutt) before being released by the duty teacher. A teacher is always on duty. The current duty timetable is displayed in classrooms, in the corridors and on the staffroom door. A teacher aide is also present in the playground.

Tennis courts across the road: Year 5-8 students are able to play on the tennis courts across the road from Norfolk School during interval and lunchtime. Students cannot cross the road before school or after school due to safety reasons.

Playgrounds: The junior playground is generally for Year 1-2 students. However, senior and junior students often enjoying playing together. This is only discouraged if the play is unsafe. The senior playground is for Year 3-8 students. We discourage students playing ball tag for safety reasons and sometimes a timetable is needed if too many students are playing at the same time.

Bottom field: Year 3-8 students are allowed to play on the bottom field. Year 1-2 students are educated about not going further than the sand pit area.

Top field: Year 1-6 students normally play on this field. Sometimes Year 7-8 students engage in play as well.

Running around buildings: We discourage students from running around the main building block for safety reasons. Temporary barriers have been erected to minimise any risk of collisions. Obviously, children need reminding and educating around this issue because in the spontaneous nature of playing, they forget.