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Term 1 Values Focus:   Thinking about others & taking responsibility for myself by practicing safe hygiene. e.g. sneezing into our elbows / spray & wiping our classrooms /  washing hands for 20 seconds / awareness of others personal space

Tena koutou katoa, Ni Hao, Talofa Lava, Guten Tag and Gidday to one and all!

Wow, what a difference a week makes! Last week we were thinking that Coronavirus was something that was only going to affect other countries or maybe our big cities. Now we are all very much aware that it is the responsibility of us all to work together to help manage the Covid-19 situation for the benefit of our entire community. 

The situation and advice that schools are receiving is changing every day and we will do our best to keep you all informed through our newsletter, Skool Loop app and facebook page. 

Coronavirus Update:

At school we have followed Ministry of Health and Education 

Direction to support our children to reinforce the 

absolute importance of key health messages. We are using 

the 5 key tips to help slow the spread of Covid-19 

We are all doing our bit to keep ourselves and our 

classrooms sanitised and healthy. 

The latest advice and guidance from the Ministry of Education 

and Ministry of Health remains consistent in that there is no 

reason for children to be kept home from school unless they 

are unwell. New Zealand has a low rate of Covid-19 infection 

and all cases so far have come in from outside of New Zealand. 

It is very important that we all remain calm throughout the situation and work together for the benefit of our whole country. We encourage you to have conversations with your children about maintaining personal hygiene. Children may display some anxiety and worry about the Covid-19. It is important that we all reassure them and not overreact unncessarily. This link from the Ministry of Education gives some good advice in supporting your children to understand what is happening. https://bit.ly/3aYTq5U

We continue to ask for your support in keeping your children at home if they are feeling unwell. We understand that this can be difficult to manage but this is an exceptional situation that requires us all to do what we can in the best interests of everyone. 

As a community, please look out for each other. Be mindful of those who are most vulnerable to Covid-19, the elderly. We all need to work together for the wellbeing of everyone. 

Cancellations: Sadly, Covid-19 has been the cause of a lot of cancellations and will likely continue to do so. We will continue to update on any changes to events we are involved with. 

-Inglewood Netball Muster this Saturday March 21st-  Cancelled

-Weetbix Tryathlon next Wednesday, March 25th – Cancelled

Year 7/8 and Y5/6 camp updates:

Our Board of Trustees is meeting tomorrow (Thursday) morning to decide if our upcoming camps will go ahead or not. We are consulting with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and government directives. We will consider all this information when making the final decision.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work through this process. We want to make the most informed decisions with the best interests of our tamariki and community at heart.

Dates For Your Calendar:

Country Cluster Swimming – Thurs March 19th – Inglewood 

Week 10 – Senior Camps (Y5/6 Camping at School, Y7/8 Rotorua)

Town vs Country Swimming – Tues April 7th – Stratford 

Term 1 Ends – Thursday April 9th

Community Working Bee 

Thank you to those who joined us for the school working bee on Sunday. We managed to complete garden edging for our harakeke (weaving flax), hedges were trimmed beautifully and gardens weeded. Over the road we have leveled the area where the old shed was ready for grass seed and installed a gate as well as repairing the damaged fence.

We are grateful to everyone who supports our school in one way or another. Our community is fantastic!

Norfolk Legends: Well done to the following students who have been demonstrating our community values.

Sunshine Room: Hendrix Maaka-Cox & Jacob Wheeler

Mamaku Room: Connie Gordge & Nikau Eynon

Tui Tree: Chloe Fraser, Nirvana Cunniffe

Totara Room: Brooke Boyd & Brayden Yearbury-Wood

Moa Hut: Gracie George & Holly Fester

Te Aratika: Hunter Awahou 

Mana Tangata Award for School Leadership: Holley Hinz-Gear, Shiloh Goldby

Hockey Registrations – 

We are looking to create a combined Norfolk/Kaimata/St Pats Inglewood Year 7 /8 Hockey team this season. 

We are close to having enough for a Year 5/6 Team as well. Another couple players would be great. 

Could Hockey Registration Forms please be returned this week. Spares can be found at the school office. 

Country Cluster Swimming Sports – Still on!

The participating schools have carefully considered the risks associated with going ahead with the Cluster Swimming Sports on Thursday.

Key factors include:

  1. The numbers of participants are relatively low – less than 100 children.
  2. There is plenty of space at the Inglewood Pool to spread our children out so they are not in close quarters.
  3. We can provide hand sanitiser and liquid soap.
  4. We can promote safe sneezing, coughing and hand washing practices throughout the day.
  5. Children or whanau who are unwell are asked not to attend.

We’re looking forward to a great event as planned and thank St Patricks School for their hard work in organising it for us all.